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"Amun Ra – Resurrection" outcomes as a concept album and is a project of »Geronimo« (me in the following), which is consisting of music and myths of the ancient Egyptian world around Amun-Ra and his resurrection. I invite every reader on a fantastic time journey to move itself into the magical past of the ancient Egyptians and their mythology, thereby letting the music (sometimes aggressively, sometimes spiritually) affect itself.
In detail it´s about the origin of the empire by the Nile, about Amun and his temples, pyramids, Pharaohs, opponents, curses and legends, up to the resurrection of Amun Ra.

This website can also be referred as my "life project", because these pages will never be completed or concluded - at least as long as I live. They will be constantly updated as soon as I have "picked up" something new. Texts will be corrected and extended - additional cross-links will be added. Indeed, this does not happen daily or weekly. My further project »V4A« is equally important to me and takes a lot of time and energy.
In my last research I have pushed into web pages that copied my texts 1: 1. So I am a little bit proud of it, and I explain herewith expressly that I have nothing against it. A naming of my website would be nice, but no one should feel committed to it.


My interest in Egypt and pharaohs was awakened as a little child by the movie "Land of the Pharaohs" from 1955, where everyone at the end of the film, who paid their last honour to the deceased Pharaoh, was buried alive in the pyramid with him. So I noticed quite early (even if unconsciously) that I had a strong affinity on this topic. I just liked watching pharaoh-movies with pleasure, but gave this no other meaning. Only by the movie "The Mummy" from the year 1999 broke out of me: I am fascinated by this ancient mystical world. Since then I soak up formally everything what deals with this topic. About the same time I originated the idea for this website.

I learned and found my knowledge by documentations like "Terra X", movies, specialized literature, magazines, experiences and observations from my Egypt-Trip, explanations and statements from the tour guide and from web pages for egyptology and this topic. "Over the years, so much material has collected and accumulated, so that I am not to be able to name any sources, references and never mind with name."
Only one: My first point of contact for figures, facts and background information is »Wikipedia«, which I would like to call a productive source. Thanks also to all other sources, which helped me to spend life into my project and my website.

For constructive criticism - whether positive or negative - I am open-minded and accept them gladly. A praise, good ideas or suggestions for improvement are appreciated anyway. If I have kicked someone's feet, (german idiomatic expression) by insufficiently editing or completing the collected picture or writing material, he would like to forgive or tell me this. But always remember: This is not a commercial website! Threats takes nothing! Please be kind and patient! Everything will be fine, Amen (Ra).

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