music by Geronimo
lyrics by Geronimo & Doc Rock

A Tribute to the Zombie-Splatter-Shooter "Dead Island"




Dead Island




guitars: Geronimo
vocals: Doc Rock


Paradise - somehow nice
Sandy Beach - good to reach
open bars - a lot of stars
sexy shows - at the bungalows
Welcome to Banoi
Drink, fuck, enjoy

(Sam B. - Who Do You Voodoo Bitch)

"Sam B got the thing that go bump in the night
Who do you Voodoo, Bitch?
Hide your kids, grab your wife, better get outta sight
Who do you Voodoo, Bitch"

Crazy nights - jitter lights
to much booze - on the loose
Sunrise - in Paradise
Deserted? Fake! - Zombie outbreak!
Welcome to Banoi
Seek and Destroy

(Splatter Solo)

Walker Zombies - bloody Thugs
hard to kill - what the fuck ?!
The Infected - very fast
Suiciders - nice to blast
Straight in the face
God left this place

(Splatter walkthrough till end - Outro)