Patong Girl

music & lyrics by Geronimo


Travelled to Thailand for holiday
I remember like yesterday
eleven hours with Thai-Airways
I can´t sleep for a couple of days

No idea what's going on
at Bangla Road in Patong
This noisy place wasn't far...
so I found my way to the whisky bar

Bangla Road

I met a nice girl named Joy
but the lady was a boy
she said dont worry and enjoy
so I played with her little toy

We spend together an exciting night
no idea if its wrong or right
We made love again and again
dont matter if she's a girl or man

Patong Girl


2 years later I met her again
although I knew she is a man
She said dont worry and enjoy
but I cant find her little toy

He is a woman - She was a man!
He is a woman - She was a man!









guitars & bass: Geronimo
vocals: Geronimo
drums: Alesis