The story of Alex, me and Eddie the monster

lyrics by Geronimo
music by Doc Rock




Geronimos englisch war selten so schlecht wie hier! Die paar Bierchen zur fortgeschrittenen Stunde machten es leider auch nicht geschmeidiger. Aber die Pointe ist cool und Doc's Solo einfach genial!


Well this is a story, a true story from Alex, me and Eddie the Monster:

He came from the wood to the city with his guitar, but he knows, he even knows, he can't play the guitar.
But doesn't matter, because he is the biggest solo guitarist of Sherwood Forest.
He played on the greatest stages in the city of Munich.
His riffs are so bad, but not bad - worst!
But somebody like it - not everybody, but somebody hear the music.
They come to the market and buyed the CD's of Alex, me and Eddie the Monster.
Now they are the biggest stars - the biggest stars of Munich and Underfoehring. Yeah!
They come to the stage and played, play their sound,
play their guitars and now the fans are so happy.
They screames, they loughed! They screames and they loved the band of Alex, me and Eddie the Monster.
Come on Alex gimme your guitar!


So the people heard this solo, they are so enthusiastic and everybody wants to hear the music. Everybody goes shopping and buy this CD's from Alex, me and Eddie the Monster.
So the band of Alex, me and the Monster is in everybody mouth. Everybody talking about it - everybody talk about Alex, me and Eddie the Monster. Everybody wants to hear the Solo from Alex.
Now we listen again to Alex!


Now everybody is the same opinion: Alex is live much better then on CD!
Now the end of the story: Everybody goes to the shows but nobody buy the CD from Alex, me and Eddie the Monster...!

guitar: Doc Rock
as Alex the solo guitarist from the woods: Doc Rock
vocals: Geronimo